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Valley Shepherd Creamery



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Stinging what?!?? This is the usual response when we try to describe our Nettlesome. What a surprise this was. We started with our pure, raw, sheep and cow’s milk and decided to try something different. We added some Stinging Nettles to the curds. While they feel terrible when lodged in your ankles on a long, country walk in the field, we found they taste remarkable in our cheese.
Stinging Nettle, which is really just an edible perennial, gives a lively herbaceous quality to the cheese that we just love.
When chefs come in for tastings, this one trips them up. The first thing they ask is “what is that?!” and the second thing they ask is “how can I get some?!”

Shipping- any combination of cut cheese over $120 ships free!

Our artisan cheeses are released weekly from our cave thus not always readily available. We do reserve the right to substitute a similar cheese of equal or more value.

We like to ship on Mondays & Tuesdays for the sake of the cheese. Please ask if you need a certain date or accommodations, we are very reasonable.

OUR BASKET PHILOSOPHY: WE are not a fulfillment center for a slick online gift site. We are a dairy farm. We 'shop' for your items in our store and put REAL stuff in our gift boxes. We do not stuff them with 'fluff' like big bags of $2 dry pasta, low grade flavored cheeses, plastic vac pac items or unknown weight of cheese. So whether you are sending this as a gift or to yourself or to someone else, you will be getting a bunch of high-end gourmet products right off the shelves of our farm store.


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