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Valley Shepherd Creamery

Shepherd Basket

Shepherd Basket

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Made from the pure, raw milk of our East Friesian sheep, we produce this Manchego-style offering using the most time-honored method, by adding the rennet from our own lambs. We aim for a golden pate that is distinguished in its boldness; slightly salty, very sheep-y, and serious in its lingering reminder that this is a classic farmstead cheese at its best. True to its roots, we form the Shepherd’s Basket curds into 4 lb. molds that impart a historic basket rind, making it a standout on any cheese board or cart. Layered in flavor, we are reminded of the goodness that time can allow when we follow traditional cheese making methods. Released after 4+ months, it is young and soft on the palate. With age, it becomes dryer, complex, and alluring…taste for yourself!

Shipping- any combination of cut cheese over $120 ships free!

Our artisan cheeses are released weekly from our cave thus not always readily available. We do reserve the right to substitute a similar cheese of equal or more value.

We like to ship on Mondays & Tuesdays for the sake of the cheese. Please ask if you need a certain date or accommodations, we are very reasonable.

OUR BASKET PHILOSOPHY: WE are not a fulfillment center for a slick online gift site. We are a dairy farm. We 'shop' for your items in our store and put REAL stuff in our gift boxes. We do not stuff them with 'fluff' like big bags of $2 dry pasta, low grade flavored cheeses, plastic vac pac items or unknown weight of cheese. So whether you are sending this as a gift or to yourself or to someone else, you will be getting a bunch of high-end gourmet products right off the shelves of our farm store.


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